Employment at Acronym

Acronym is currently seeking candidates to fill the following position. Please contact contact@acronym.ca if you wish to apply:


C++ / C# Programmer

Software developer to work on structural engineering Windows applications. You will be working with Visual C++ and Visual C# development platforms to create a commercial packages for the design of wood and masonry buildings. A minimum of two years work experience required:

-          Must be completely proficient in the C# and/or C++ programming languages

-          Working experience with Visual.NET development platform and C++ or C#

-          Knowledge of C++ and/or C# libraries and tools, such as the template library, is needed

-          Educational background in computer science, engineering, and/or mathematics

Primary duty is programming, but you will be engaged in all aspects of the software development cycle - design, coding, debugging, and initial testing. You will be asked to read and understand software design specifications; prepare conceptual designs of your work in advance of writing code; test the completed code and fix your bugs.

We require conceptual, design-oriented people. Must be able to write, to communicate effectively and to work independently.

Acronym provides a comfortable working environment in Uptown Waterloo, with high quality workstations, good pay, benefits, and flexible working hours.


Please refer to  Current Projects for a description of the projects currently being worked on at Acronym. 


Acronym is not actively seeking to add other staff at this time. but positions do arise from time to time. Please contact contact@acronym.ca if you wish to inform us of your availability for any of the positions listed below. All resumes will be kept on file for six months. 


The following positions come up the most frequently:

Software Tester/Technician

Your responsibilities

You will perform quality assurance (QA) testing of our engineering design software, both manual and automated testing. You will ensure that our software adheres to its functional specifications by developing and executing test plans to verify engineering calculations and program operation. You will maintain these test procedures and find new ways to improve and automate them. 

Secondary duties:

-          You will prepare and test the Windows installations for our programs, and maintain an archive of past builds and installations.

-          You will act as a liaison between software Technical Support and Development staff by evaluating and processing issues from software users that have been escalated to Development

-          You will be responsible for writing and maintaining a list of descriptions to changes to the software that is provided in our user documentation.

Technical qualifications

-          Post-secondary degree or diploma in engineering or computer science. Example: an engineering technologists certificate combined with computing knowledge and experience.

-          Ability to write scripts in a well-known scripting language such as Python.

-          Work well with Microsoft Excel,  Access and Word

-          Good understanding of the Windows operating system

Personal qualities

-          You have an eye for detail and can immediately recognize when something isn’t quite right

-          You are design-oriented and spend time planning your strategy before executing your duties

-          You understand the role of good documentation and communication in the execution of everyday tasks

-          You write clearly and precisely


Preference given to candidates with:

-          Work experience in a formal software testing environment

-          Educational credits in software testing courses

-          Structural engineering background

-          Computer programming ability



Specifications Writer

Technical researcher / designer / writer to create functional design specifications for our software. Will be  responsible for writing detailed technical descriptions of the proposed software based upon engineering design codes and standards and other technical documentation, mathematical descriptions of engineering mechanics solutions, and discussions with co-workers and clients. Must have: 

-          At least 2 years experience in an engineering-related field

-          Good working knowledge of technical software, and exceptional computer skills

-          Proven writing ability and communication skills

-          Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Visio Calc experience helpful. 

-          A university degree

Specifications are to be used by clients, programmers, and testers. You must be able to identify all the program components each of them need to know about, to describe complex program behavior  in a way they can understand, and to explain the reasoning behind design decisions such that they can be verified and approved.  


Current Projects 

Acronym Software was established in 1986 to develop powerful and easy-to-use applications for structural engineers. We are working on the following projects:

WoodWorks Wood Design Software:

Continuing development of the WoodWorks Design Office structural package in partnership with the Canadian Wood Council. It consists of

We are working on an ongoing initiative to unify the function of Sizer and Shearwalls into a comprehensive structural design package.

LoadWorks Engineering Loads Generator:

A new program to generate wind and seismic loads on a building of any type.

MASS Masonry Design Software:

Acronym develops the MASS program, masonry design package for the Canada Masonry Design Centre and the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association.

Customized Structural Software:

Customized structural engineering software for building component manufacturers. Currently we are working on