For over 35 years, we have produced software packages for structural engineering design offices and institutions throughout North America. Here are our major products…

The WoodWorks® suite consists of

1.      WoodWorks® Sizer, for the design of beams, columns, joists, wall studs, and CLT panels, or of a structure made up of these elements.

2.      WoodWorks® Shearwalls, for the design of light-frame structures subject to wind and earthquake loads.

3.      WoodWorks® Connections, for the design of fasteners and steel plate connectors joining wood members.

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The Masonry Analysis Structural Systems (MASS®) software analyses and designs reinforced and unreinforced concrete block or structural clay brick beams and walls. It designs beams for complex load profiles and examines all load combinations. It designs walls for out-of-plane loads or as shear walls for in-plane loading.

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